Sunday, December 15, 2013

This is a picture of my sister. I had her stand directly above the light and I was directly below her. It gives an interesting feeling of sunshine just radiating from her, and the blades of the fans are nice as well.

This is my first part of the Backpack assignment. I chose to put all the books I was reading into a random shape. I took the picture at an angle so that it was a different take on the subject. I had the backpack in the background to keep the idea of the assignment in mind.
This is my second part of the Backpack assignment. I chose to show the stuff in my bag that shouldn't be there, like a filled notebook, spare change and a Fruit Rollup.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

I used the blinds in my house as inspiration for this picture. I liked how the light oozed out of the lines. I was at an angle to not get the full glare of the light. The 8th bar down is a darker line, I don't really know why that happened.
This is my first post under the idea of breakfast. I tried to get the dish in such a way that the lines from the blinds split up the plate into thirds. There is some glare on the bread, which is probably because the light is shining on it. I titled this picture "Leftovers"
This is a tree ornament that I took a picture of. I wanted to post this picture because I liked the depth in it. You can see a panoramic shot of my entire living room (even if it's a messy one!) It's like the lens is the center of the universe. The foliage also gives the picture some depth.